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247punter publishes every tip with the intention of winning, however, we do not make any claims of success or otherwise based on our tips.

247Punter.com publishes a full set of results of every single tip it publishes with clear stakes.

We will promote our wins, that is standard marketing practice, but we advise that you check out our tips record and judge for yourself which tips to follow or not.

Tips result records

247punter.com does not bet on every single tip it publishes. All tips published by 247punter.com are supplied free of charge and are not intended as a means to make a living from betting.

It is the full responsibility of the user to determine the stakes they use, 247punter publishes stakes as a guide only.

247punter strongly advises that anyone betting on our tips does so within their means.

Bookies/Sportsbooks used on 247punter.com

247punter has a business relationship with all bookmakers on our site either through paid advertising deals or affiliation.

We do not apologise for this or hide this fact, like any other business we want to make a profit. There are costs to running a website like this and these costs have to be covered and that includes, but not limited to, hosting, software, wages and so on.

Any prices we publish on any recommended tip is taken from the list of bookies that we work with, we will not publish prices on our tips from any bookies that we have no business relationship with.

There are many reasons we will not work with bookies, they are varied and can include unreliable affiliate programs, as an example Coral and Ladbrokes, bookies that simply steal from their partners, as an example Betway and Skybet and bookies that treat players badly, as an example 1xbet.

We take the attitude that when a bookie steals from its business partners then it will not hesitate to do so with players.

All bookies reviews on 247punter deliberately do not carry personal opinions on how good or bad they are, we strongly recommend that any player wanting to sign up with a bookie does their own due diligence, however, all bookies on 247punter do carry our recommendation otherwise we would not have them on the site.


247punter has taken the decision to operate in a full and open manner, we will no doubt make mistakes, but we are human like the rest of you and we will not in any way attempt to mislead our site visitors, we will not recommend a bookie we ourselves do not trust.

We will never change tips after results are known, we will never change profit or loss, we will never look to profit from a players losses based on our tips, we have strongly recommended that everyone using our tips or signing up to a bookies via our website does their own full due diligence, bets within their means and reads any and all terms and conditions related to any promotion or bookies in general.

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